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Bacon and Egg Muffins

Comfort Food 60
Homemade breakfast of bacon and eggs in white square plate

The Scenario:

You are waking up on New Years day and the party last night went really well. You can tell because there is a complete stranger lying in bed next to you and they are naked. As long as you aren’t married, you can probably chalk this one up as a win. But here is the problem with people who have just had amazing sex with you… acceptable sex… something resembling sex… they are probably going to be hungry the next morning. You spent your whole food budget for the week on tequila and now you have to concoct something to satisfy the hunger of two vaguely hungover people using only the contents of your fridge.

Don’t worry, there is a simple solution to all of your post-coital, post-new years breakfast woes. Baked Bacon and Egg Muffins. Technically they aren’t muffins, but you do cook them in a muffin tray, so maybe you can let this one slide?

What You Need:

An oven

A muffin tray

Ingredients To Make 6 Muffins:

6 large eggs

6 rashers of thick cut bacon

Some shredded cheese

Some salt and pepper

Optional extras:

Worcestershire sauce

Sriracha Hot Sauce

Finely chopped spring onions

Even in your hazy state, you will be able to cope with this recipe.

How To Do It:

1: Preheat your oven to 375F or Gas Mark 5.

2: Lay a rasher of bacon into each little dip on your muffin tray, doing your best to cover the bottom and the sides.

3: Crack an egg into each one, add either a dash of Worcestershire sauce or your chopped spring onions now if you are going to.

4: Sprinkle each egg with a little salt and pepper, then top it with a pinch of cheese to taste.

5: Bake in the oven for 20 minutes. Enough time for you to go back into the bedroom and awkwardly try to work out one another’s name without ever acknowledging that you don’t remember.

6: Continue the awkward silence over breakfast, occasionally glancing at each other and then looking away when it looks like they are going to look back. Top the muffins with a little drizzle of Sriracha if you decided to use spring onions.

7: Make a half-hearted attempt at a goodbye kiss as you usher them out of your home, accidentally bump your teeth together.

8: Curse your awkwardness and a fall into a hungover, depressive slump for the rest of the day. Swearing to yourself several times that you are never going to drink again. Please note, this is not a side effect of the Bacon and Egg Muffins, those are simple and delicious.

These breakfast treats are quick and easy to make and with a little bit of work they can be turned into a full meal by cracking the eggs into a bowl, adding a little milk and mixing additional ingredients into the mix before pouring them out into the little bacon bowls. A couple of finely chopped vegetables is the maximum that you can add before the muffin tray gets over-full.

Adding a ready cooked meat is possible, but the flavour of the bacon tends to overpower pretty much everything so you are better to keep it simple.

G D Penman writes books. He lives in Scotland with his partner and children, some of whom are human. In those few precious moments that he isn’t parenting or writing he likes to watch cartoons, play video games, read more books than are entirely feasible and continues on his quest to eat the flesh of every living species. He has worked in just about every job you can have in a restaurant and now he is here to yell at you for using a microwave when there is a perfectly good oven right there.

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