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A Long Time Ago in a Kitchen Far, Far Away: Episode 2

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The Scenario:

Last time I told you a bit about the lightsaber replica hobby, and in this article I want to discuss something even cooler – lightsabers that you can really use in your own epic lightsaber battle. Combat ready lightsabers exist, and they are fucking amazing.

A combat lightsaber can still have replica qualities – many are based on the weapons wielded by characters in the films – but they'll have added features and abilities not seen on the Hasbro Force FX replicas. The biggest one is that they're made for fighting with, so you can bash your friends with them to your heart's content. Typically this is because they're lit by a single high powered LED in the hilt rather than a strand of lights in the blade. Which is made of super strong poly-plastics, like the replicas. There's also been technological advances that allow the lightsabers to flash brightly when struck, change colors on command, even hook up to your phone to control the sound and color.

There are two main companies that take up a lot of the market for custom combat lightsabers. There are other more specialized ones that produce crazy accurate replicas or super advanced combat sabers, but these two are accessible, friendly, affordable, and ones which I have experience with.

Ultrasabers http://www.ultrasabers.com/

Emory and Deep of Ultrasabers produce some really amazing lightsabers, and their options allow you to create a simple, cheap build that lights up brightly and can be fought with for under 100 dollars in any color you'd like including Mace Windu's purple - Their secret forum member only color, Dark Violet Amethyst is very close to what his looked like in the movies. If you want something more involved, you can add lightsaber sounds, so you dont need to make your own, flash on clash, so your saber will flash brightly when it strikes another lightsaber, couplers to make double bladed sabers, or even specialized computer chips that let you change your blade's color and sound. Their hilts go from fairly simple to very ornate. One down side; some of their hilts are somewhat large, so be sure to pay attention to the size they list under the sabers. Most of their hilts are a reasonable size and weight though, but some of the more expensive ones can be on the big side for those with smaller hands or who dont like a heavy lightsaber. Be sure to keep an eye out for their sales and contests, which are frequent and can get you some amazing stuff! I recommend their Archon V2, which is based on Luke's saber from Return of the Jedi and very comfortable to use.

Saberforge https://saberforge.com/

Saberforge is a company I've only recently purchased from, but their products are similar in nature to Ultrasabers. Their hilts are smaller and more detailed in many cases, light and agile. However, their sound isn't quite as loud, and they don't have flash on clash. They're also a big more expensive than Ultrasabers. Their sabers come in tiers, a tier with just light and batteries, a tier with sound, and then some kind of crazy tier that gives you a lot of other options and costs rather a lot. Still, they do some very cool custom saber designs of their own as well as some based off the characters from the movies, and their lightsaber blades are very bright. If you're a Clone Wars fan, they have a phenomenal Ahsoka Tano based lightsaber.

Whoever you buy your lightsabers from, make sure you get two of them, so you can have saber duels with friends and family! And if all that lightsaber fighting might makes you thirsty, or gives you a need to salve your lightsaber wounds with delicious alcohol, I worked up a pretty cool recipe for that iconic Star Wars beverage. Keep in mind, this is...

Not Your Aunt Beru's Blue Milk:

1 part coconut rum – I like Parrot Bay a lot, even better than Malibu, so that's what I used.

splash of creme de menthe

2 splashes of blue curacao to achieve the right color

2 parts milk


Pour all ingredients together into a rocks glass and stir. You may need to add a bit more curacao to get it just the right blue color. If you want to get fancy you could garnish it with an orange slice. It's a nice, refreshing drink that tastes kind of exotic and otherworldly.

I've been cooking for most of my life, from helping my Nonna cook while visiting her in the North of Italy to my apprenticeship with Chef Lucas Woodruff. My background as a chef is strongly in good, casual Southern and Italian cuisine and new, creative favorites. I'm all about rich, vibrant flavors and how to combine them. I'm also the last chef you'll ever see doing any of this fad diet nonsense, so if you're looking for the kettlegenic, cave man diet, or some gluten free deal, look elsewhere. Just good, unpretentious food for hungry people here.

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