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Sweet Potato Toast

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The Scenario:

Health food junkies often have such repulsive food trends that normal people cannot understand why they would put themselves through the torture. They have their six-pack of abs, but we have carbs and a six-pack of beer– I’d take that any day. But sometimes – very occasionally – they stumble on to a good thing. Sweet potato toast is one of those good things. First of all, sweet potatoes are delicious; but it doesn’t hurt that they also have some great health benefits. When you need something quick and healthy, use toasted sweet potatoes as the base for a topping. It’s easy, nutritious, and something you actually want to eat - unlike kale and the living horror that is kombucha.

What You Need:

A good knife

Chopping board

A toaster

Serves as many people as you decide to cut sweet potato for:

Sweet potato

Toppings (Popular ideas: fried egg, avocado, peanut butter, bacon, almost anything you’d put on bread)

How To Do It:

1. Wash the sweet potato. Dirt is not counted as a nutrient or a seasoning.

2. Slice the sweet potato thinly – about half a cm. It’s called toast, but think more like a thick cracker. Getting thin slices might take some knife skills. If the sweet potato is tricky to cut, try squaring off one side to give you a flat side to rest on the board. Then, get slicing.

3. Put it in your toaster.

4. Press the toaster button. When it pops up, press it again. Repeat until the outside is slightly charred.

5. Add toppings, and eat.

What you put on it will depend on how hungry you are, what you think tastes good with sweet potato, and what you can be bothered preparing. Some people make fancy stacks with poached eggs and ham, and some people swipe on some peanut butter and they’re good to go. If the sweet potato is crunchy, then I’m sorry to tell you that the problem is you – cut them thinner or toast them longer. We will not be held responsible for any other vegetables you put in the toaster – keep it to sweet potato, guys. Get toasting, and eat with the healthiest out there – or cover it in butter and maple syrup. Whatever works for you.

Tammy is an Australian freelance writer and a self-taught home cook. She has gone from burning toast to being asked to bring things to bake sales, and is fairly sure some of her friends now keep her around just to cook for them. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and two sons, reads far more than is good for her, and specialises in crowd-pleasing food that she cooks at every opportunity.

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